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Soup of the Day – House made special of the chef’s choice.

Cup ~ Bowl

French Onion Soup – A rich broth that starts with roasted beef bones, caramelized onions and an in-house blend of spices. Topped with a crusty bread slice and a combination of melted Havarti and Gruyere cheese.

Cup ~ Bowl

Salmon Chowder – A delightful seafood chowder, made from scratch, topped with a generous helping of Alaska smoked salmon. Cup ~ Bowl

Chili – Another house special made from scratch. We use our fresh ground Spanish style pork chorizo, roasted tomatillos and fennel to make a no-bean blend. Hominy is our go-to addition to give this dish a signature taste.
Cup ~ Bowl


Dressings: Mediterranean, Balsamic, Bleu Cheese, Caesar, Thousand Island, Ranch,

Raspberry or Mango Vinaigrette

Wedge Salad – a generous portion of iceberg lettuce, topped with creamy Bleu cheese and crumbles, diced tomato and a side taste of fresh deep fried pork belly strips.

Island Salmon Salad – Grilled salmon on mixed greens tossed in our mango vinaigrette then topped with pistachios, grilled red onions, tomatoes, and pineapple bits.

Chef Salad – Fresh greens topped with ham, turkey, chicken, cucumbers, black olives, boiled eggs and cheddar cheese. Dressing of your choice.

House Salad – Fresh spring mix topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, black olives, Parmesan cheese, and house made croutons. Served with your choice of dressing.

Add: Chicken breast ~ 6 oz. steak ~ Grilled Salmon

Classic Caesar Salad - Crisp romaine tossed with our own Caesar dressing, Parmesan cheese, and house made croutons.

Add chicken breast


Sandwiches & Unique Specialties

(Includes one side)
Sides: Choice of fries, baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad or side salad;
Add mac n’ cheese for an additional $2, spicy or regular

Mediterranean Smoked Turkey “Puller” – Our in-house, slow smoked and braised turkey layered on a bed of fresh spring mix with Mediterranean dressing in an artisan roll, topped with a melted layer of Havarti and Guryere cheese.

Smoked Pulled Pork – Our pork shoulder is hand rubbed with a Spanish Chorizo blend, cold smoked in-house then braised in an amber beer till it falls apart. It’s served with a spicy sauce to accent the smoky flavor.

Salmon BLT – Grilled blackened salmon, bacon, lettuce, tomato, topped with fresh guacamole and a little

Cajun or Crispy Chicken – Topped with pepper-jack cheese, fried onion strings and New Orleans style Remoulade sauce.

Reindeer or Andouille Dog – Choose between an Alaskan reindeer sausage or spicy Andouille link, simmered in Alaskan Amber then grilled to perfection. Served with sautéed onions and relish on a
premium bun. Add chili, cheese and onions for $3


Halibut Sandwich – Beer-battered portion of halibut served on a Parmesan-Cheddar bun.

Halibut and Chips – Beer-battered halibut served with tartar sauce and lemon.

Halibut Tacos – Three soft flour tacos with crispy halibut, topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, salsa, guacamole and sour cream.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Two slices of white bread with cheddar cheese, grilled and served with your choice of side. Add a slice of ham for $3


Flame-Grilled Burgers


Chorizo – A smoky, Spanish style burger made from in-house-ground pork butt, topped with Havarti cheese, fresh spring mix, tomato and onion.

Mediterranean Turkey – With the flare of the Mediterranean, this 7.0 oz. turkey patty is basted with clarified butter then flame grilled. It is topped with roasted red peppers, onions and goat cheese. It
is paired with a Mediterranean spring mix and roasted garlic puree, all on a crusty artisan roll.

Beef Burger – Half-pound burger made from in-house-ground beef chuck roast, served with lettuce, tomato and red onion.

Additions – Choice of Pepper Jack, Havarti, Swiss, Bleu Cheese. Cheddar (included)
Bacon $2 | Avocado $2
Chili, cheese and onions $3
Jalapeños $1 |Mushrooms $1

Side Dishes


Potato Salad – Made with red onion, celery, egg, mayo and a hint of mustard.

Coleslaw – A zesty slaw that’s pineapple sweet with a hint of horseradish.

Mac & Cheese – Our take on everyone’s favorite, either mild or spicy.

Home Fries – Crisp fried, thick-cut, skin-on red potato wedges.

Garlic-Smashed Potatoes – Hand “smashed” red potatoes with roasted garlic.

Chef ’s Choice Vegetables – A selection of veggies the chef thinks will satisfy your palette.

Skinny Fries – Lightly breaded and seasoned shoestring fries.


Eating raw or undercooked meats or fish can cause serious illness, do so at your own risk.



Checks for Parties of 6 or more will include 18 % gratuity

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